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Cargo Bike for sustainable logistics

Shape your innovative ideas together with MUS

Would you like to grow a competitive edge? Choose our smart solutions: optimize urban deliveries, cut transport costs and adapt to new guidelines related to sustainability. Reducing your carbon footprint, you can improve your brand reputation and popularity, win tenders and strike the balance between growth and environmental impact.

Why is it an opportunity?

Give the proper impression

Corporate Social Responsibility: every action we undertake tells something about us

Raise new awareness

The future is in our hands: today, responsibility is a necessity, a requirement and a competitive factor for every company.

Invest in concrete actions

The urban world needs you: promote value creation and contribute to your city development

Support a circular growth

Circular economy: a process that fuels responsibility and sustainable growth

Engage your local community

Involve your community and stakeholders: educate, inspire and empower them to respect the world around us

Customize your MUS

Do you know that 77% of urban deliveries could be handled by cargo bikes?


Ideal for: Info point


Ideal for: Ice cream stands

OTB | 4U

Ideal for: People transport


Ideal for: Street Food

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Are you a company or a private individual? Do you want to know more about sustainable urban mobility and understand how to apply it to your world? Do you want to get to know the world of urban electric mobility and see how to apply it to your company?

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