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Micromobility shapes urban space, even better if electric   Cargo bikes, e-bikes and electric scooters are increasingly key figures of our cities. But what will be the future of mobility, especially after the COVID-19 emergency? Here is where micromobility comes into play, even better if electric.   Cities and mobility issues   As we have […]

Cargo Bike market

Moving towards electrification: the cargo bike market A wave that could revolutionize mobility and city logistics: the cargo bike market! A “niche” segment of the bike economy that is well suited to urban mobility and last-mile logistics. The Persistence Market Research estimates an average annual growth of 12.7% for the next ten years. In the […]

Bike Economy

Bike Economy moves forward: export, Made in Italy and sustainable mobility   Make the way for the electric bicycle:the bike economy continues to propel the market driven by exports. In 2020 280,000 units were sold (+44%), 115,000 of which were exports (+28%). In the first half of 2021, 157 thousand electric bikes have already been […]


Cyclelogistics and last mile delivery: opportunities, figures and initiatives   The increase in e-commerce and the consequent goods delivery has led to the creation of a new neologism within the world of transport: last-mile delivery, or last-mile logistics, the step at which the package arrives at the buyer’s door.   It’s the most time-consuming part […]

Last-mile delivery

Last-mile logistics: the new frontier for e-commerce innovation?   The pandemic has dramatically accelerated a number of changes which have already been underway in our society. These new trends are going to consolidate in our lives: we’re talking especially about consumer habits related to online purchases, i.e. e-commerce.   Often we don’t notice it, but […]

Smart cities & Smart mobility

Smart cities & Smart mobility on a human scale Many ideas, but the same goal: make urban flows and movements more efficient and less polluting. How we do it smarter? This is what Smart Mobility, an integral part of the smart city model, is all about. Let’s start by laying the foundations. According to the […]