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MUS Move Us Smart

Smart solutions for last-mile delivery

About us

MUS stands for Move Us Smart
The path to Sustainable Urban Mobility

Our values?
MUS stands for a new awareness, a shared journey towards change. We provide flexible, smart and eco-friendly last-mile solutions.

Our mission?
We aim at finding new ways to manage urban deliveries and transport. Thanks to the concept of E-cargo bike, we reduce CO2 emissions and we re-design the urban fabric in a way that is beneficial to the people who live and work there. A quieter, cleaner and freer city is better for everyone. We are aware of the environmental impact of urbanization and e-commerce on our planet. In our small way, we can be a small piece of a larger puzzle to provide a smarter and more efficient solution related to urban mobility. For the sake of our cities and our world.

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Are you a company or a private individual? Do you want to know more about sustainable urban mobility and understand how to apply it to your world? Fill in the form and tell us your story. Let’s schedule a meeting!

The ultimate Guide on Sustainable Urban Mobility

Discover our e-magazine about the world of smart cities, last-mile delivery and electric mobility.


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