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Ice cream…what a treat! MUS’s OTB 4ICE cargo bike is a special customization to bring taste and freshness to urban and limited traffic areas.
Easy to drive, it allows you to take your ice cream shop on the road, anywhere. Thanks to the customization of the outdoor booth, you can promote your brand and stand out during trade shows, events and exhibitions.

Technical features

dimensioniDimensions288 x 102 x 198 cm
sospensioniSuspensionIndependent on both axes
strutturaStructureSteel tubulars
cambioGearEnviolo continuously variable transmission (CVT)
motore-elettricoElectric MotorOli Move Plus
coppia-motoreElectric motor torque82 Nm
capacita-batterieBattery capacity0.6 kWh (1.1 kWh with additional battery)
caricoLoad capacityUp to 200 kg
freniBrakesHydraulic disc brakes, front and rear
trasmissioneGear ratio range380 %
potenza-nominaleRated power250 watt
velocitàSpeedAssisted, up to 25 km/h

Model Specifications

MUS OTB 4ICE specific features are:
  • Dedicated equipment
  • 24/12 V system, 220V charging
  • 8 Carapina Icecream boxes (8 and 4 L)
  • Sink with pump and 25 L tank
  • 3-door fiberglass cabin


Stability and structure

Load capacity

Cabins modularity


No, you don’t need a driving license. E-Cargo Bike is exempt from restrictions on traffic since it is considered to all intents and purposes a bicycle according to European regulations.

It can be used on urban roads, bike paths, traffic-restricted areas, historical centers and it is exempt from road restrictions.

It is equipped with a modern battery pack that guarantees an operating range of 50 km.

The batteries are easily removable and rechargeable at your home network.

The motor offers 5 levels of assistance and assists pedaling up to 25 km/h, the continuously variable transmission allows you to choose the desired pedaling cadence.

The average urban consumption is 20 Wh/km which corresponds to CO2 emissions equal to 1/10 of a current Euro 6d diesel.

The large fiberglass cab offers 2m3 of space and a load capacity of up to 200kg.

The e-Cargo Bike is made entirely in Italy in the province of Monza Brianza.

The large surface area available on the fiberglass cabin is suitable for branding.

Customization is at the company’s expense. Whether you are renting or purchasing, MUS provides its creative structure and suppliers for the best set-up. Get in touch for more information

We are looking forward to welcoming in our office in Milan, our staff will be at your disposal.

Yes, you can rent the OTB | 4Ice model. Get in touch to get advice and find the best solution.

Product versions

Do you know that 77% of urban deliveries could be handled by cargo bikes?


Ideal for: Info point


Ideal for: Advertising


Ideal for: Street Food

OTB | 4U

Ideal for: People transport

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